torsdag den 9. juni 2011

Been busy today...

I've been designing for the Brat Pack Blogtrain - I have to send in my preview no later than Friday .... actually I also need to make my entry for the Bits 'N' Bobs blogtrain that is also due on Friday, but I will get it done in time. And next month I'm going to start earlier, so I'll have plenty time.

Apart from that I've done some LO with stuff from Kreen Kreations. Those kits are SOOOOO beautiful and I'm sure going to do more tomorrow, but here are the ones I did today.

For this one I used the Lady Sweety Kit.

Here I have used the Amour Toujours kit.

And this is the Fleur des Champs kit.

All the kits and many more can be bought in Kreen Kreations shop HERE.

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