søndag den 5. juni 2011

Finally ...

Well I finally arrived back home in DK late Thursday night - on day late, and Friday morning I quickly unpacked my suitcase and started packing again ... the whole family was going away for the weekend, so this time I had to pack for all of us and get everything into the car ... ppphhheeewww hard work.

Back late Sunday evening and Monday - Wednesday I had promised a friend to help with some painting and decorating of their son's room ... he thinks he is too old for Winnie the Pooh by now, so we had to do something else.
Thursday was a national holiday here in DK, but I had a job interview - except the person I was going to talk to never showed up, so I waisted 2 hours driving there, waiting and driving back - and it was all for nothing. I had in fact called them 4 times just to make sure that they really wanted me to come for the interview on a bank holiday ... grrrrrrrr.
Well Friday - Sunday (today) the whole family went away again, so I have been super busy since I came home and by now I think I have around 300 mails to go through (if not more).

But I can tell you that I have joined 4 different blogtrains - 3 of them departure already here in June the last one not until July. So I'll be super busy and intensively designing the next week.

Weel al from me today - more tomorrow... and now I'm going to get back to posting every day again *ssss*

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